Human resource is the first basic necessity and the best possible asset of an organization. We at Absolute fully understand the importance of HR for any company / industry and so keeping this in mind, we put in a lot of sincere efforts while doing the recruitment.

While doing this task, our research team gathers full information of the company i.e. its product range, competition, marketstanding and financial position. This also involves understanding job specification, number of vacancies, urgency of requirements and / or other factors. After completing this legwork, we make use of either of the following approaches.


We maintain a reasonably sized, but selective data bank consisting of profiles of various candidates in a properly classified manner.This includes profiles of candidates at all levels especially the middle and middle and upper management cadre. This data bank is then screened and suitable candidates are short listed depending on their capability and adaptability to the particular opening and more so, to check their interest in joining the client company. They are then called for preliminary discussion and are only then presented to the client for final selection.


Absolute's major area of specialization in its services offered is head hunting. The term head hunting means approaching a specific person from a particular company on behalf of the client. Our aim is to provide the client with a good choice based on detailed consideration of the client's need, the job itself and a full assessment of how closely each person on the short list meets the job specification.

To achieve this we believe in quality head hunting because there are many good quality candidates, who are working happily elsewhere, but who would jump at the change of a new challenge if only it had been known to exist. So, once the job specification is drawn up and agreed, we seek out the possible candidates by doing some initial office research and approach them either directly or indirectly for a meeting .Today, Absolute can claim that 50% of the candidates placed by us have been through head hunting.


Large and specific requirements are sometimes handled by advertising, as well. A correctly worded creative advertisement placed in the right media results in collecting good quality of profiles. The advertising is done on behalf of the client.we receive all the response, which is then screened initially based on the summary provided therein. We then establish a contact with the candidates and conduct preliminary interview keeping in mind the specific requirements of the client. A final shortlist is then prepared and the candidates are then presented to the client for final selection. This helps in saving a lot of time and labor on part of the client.


Absolute Placement, values the relationship with our clients. We are to assit you in your search for professionals and managers.Our industry experience and business focus, enable us to quickly locate the leading industry professionals you require.


Your continued success is our success. We will team with your executives, hiring managers and human resources departments to determine the exact position requirements in line with your business objectives. The more you share with us the better we can serve you. We recognize the sensitive nature of this type of information, and are happy to sign a corporate nondisclosure agreement.


With every search,we seek fundament traits of success,qualitative indices that characterize successful leader, Intel lecture capacity, unwavering ethics, professional fortitude and personal flair. Their will to succeed is fuelled by tenacity, their trademark is strength in adversity. These individuals are the future of your organization. We help you find them today .


To get the clearest understanding of your organization and its needs,we work closely with you to make the best match. When we undertake an assignment.we make the ground rules clear. This is your search and your involvement ensures its quick completion.


Wherever and whatever your needs, you're quickly presented with highly qualified candidates because our business keeps us continually attuned to executives and companies in our areas of specialization.


That's the basic for executive search with Absolute Placement. We aorge enduring partnerships with high potential companies driven by vision, talent and sense of urgency. Recruiting exceptional candidates, we help these companies strengthen leadership and competitive dominance in their markets.