Moduler 1: Personality Development (1 day program)

In today's world it is proven that we need to have an imposing personality to excel in any field. So we need to know the basic elements which are very much essential to create a desire personality.

In this program your people will learn to develop both inner and outer personality. They will get more insight on how to balance between study and personal life.

You will learn:

  • What is personality?
  • Requirements to develop a vibrant personality
  • Personal power
  • Importance of grooming
  • Communication skill
  • Developing confidence
  • Public speaking
  • Success triangles, etc.

Moduler 2: Unleash Your Inner Potential (2 day program)

One thing in human experience is very common that many people know what they want to do, but they don't do what they know. They gathered information but they don't develop the habits, the causes and the consistently use which they know.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

In the first part of the seminar you will amazed by the power of fundamental resource of any great Success The Power of Thoughts and an ultimate proven techniques to program your inner potential for Success through Self Talk.In the second part of the seminar you will discover what exactly you want in your life Discover Your Passion After that you will set your targets as per your aspiration in professional and personal life Goal Setting - Creating a compelling future And in the last part of the seminar you will have the most advance techniques of Time Management.

Moduler 3: Sales Mastery (3 day program)

One of the biggest challenges for sales people is they know what to say but they don't know why they say it. They don't understand the psychology behind what they are trying to accomplish in the sales process. They fail to identify client's unspoken needs, and build up the perceived value of their product or service.

Additionally, most sales people are ineffective because they are not able to consistently persuade themselves to do the necessary things to create longterm success. They don't have compelling goals to consistently keep themselves on track. They fail to manage their own emotional states, and experience the mood swings and the loss of performance that comes with them.

First, your sales people will be trained performance enhancement strategies so that they have absolute confidence and certainty to break through any limitations and perform at their best.

Second,they will learn the psychology of why people buy and learn the most powerful strategies of influence.

Third,they will use these factors within a proven sales process that will easily and consistently produce results.

You will learn:

  • The Science of Persuasion-Why Your Customers Buy
  • The Master Tools of Influence
  • Creating Inner Pressure to Buy
  • The Belief Power of Developing Compelling Reasons to Excel
  • The 10 Steps to Sales Mastery
  • Preparation for prospecting: your key to success
  • How to Access and Maintain your Highest & Most powerful Selling State
  • Relationship & Networking - an ultimate tool
  • Create Instant Interest in What You Are Selling
  • Buyer Strategies and Patterns
  • Creating Conviction and Converting Objections into Commitments